What it's all about........

I offer a service for the customer needing a straightforward website at a very realistic price.

Everyone wants to know how much a web site will cost of course, and without being flippant the usual reply is along the lines of "how long is a piece of string"?

Each customer's requirements are different and individual and therefore do not generally fit into a "package price" policy.

I cater more for the smaller user (ie not large websites with perhaps 100 pages or more). If one page is enough for you then one page is what you can have.

As a rough guideline however the usual setup price range is between £100 - £2000 per project (plus any costs registering your own domain name - if required).

Hosting the website is from £50 per year (payable 12 months in advance) ie less than £1 per week.

Hosting is now on my own server so that I can monitor more easily the performance of the server and your website. Server downtime should be negligable.
(The current server performance is shown on the right of this page).


Sites already managed/hosted include:





  Kidderminster High School for Girls Old Girls Association


If you need to contact me send an email to this address....


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